VY Gallery – a boutique gallery in the heart of Saigon, one of the trustworthy venues for many talented artists with their masterpieces exhibitions. The gallery is located at 20 Nguyen Van Thu, District 1, HCMC, a bustling street where you can find your own inner peace and immerse yourself in the works of arts. 


VY Gallery provides you opportunities for cooperation and services such as Space rental and  Exhibition packages for either local or foreign artists to share their artworks with the world, with a purpose of bringing out the beauty from ordinary life to abstract artworks of humanity.


It has been such a while since our operation started, VY Gallery has officially launched online activities to diversify services, with the aim of giving art admirers a closer and convenient look and approach to art at any time, anywhere.


Vy Gallery is not only an art gallery service provider but also a distributor of art supplies and publications for creative purposes, and also art workshop organizer, in the mission of bringing art closer to the public. Along with, Vy Gallery is honored to become an exclusive distributor of Then Design in Saigon with the desire to bring to customers handcrafted fashion products imbued with traditional Vietnamese art.


VY Gallery’s milestone:

October 2020: Launching Art Logistics – designing storage space, systematizing work and transportation information (Creating the first image of Vy Gallery)

December 2020: Launching the Tree Spirit Exhibition and Nguyen Trung’s Book Exhibition 

April 2021: Launching Art Space service – Suitable for art programs, exhibitions, small and medium-sized workshops (organizing Art Appreciation Class, and The Resonance of Remembrance Exhibition)