Nguyen Minh Son was born and raised in Northern Vietnam, his dream of becoming an artist aroused by the strokes and colors of the famous Tranh Dong Ho – folk paintings – and later on from his studies of modern painting at Hanoi Fine Artis University, from which Nguyen graduated in 2000

Early on in his career, Nguyen was already developing his own flair and style. After graduating, he returned to the quiet countryside of Bac Ninh instead of staying in Hanoi, the center of Vietnam’s greatest art academies. He decided to focus on the naivete’ and simplicity of art, invoking feelings of purity and identity. To this day, he still paints blue skies, green trees, small boats, and red leaves, all through his powerful strokes and masterful use of vivid colors. Nguyen has a distinct affinity for pure and strong colors which when combined created romantic and charming effects. His works “imply” the presence of human life despite there being no traces of people in his art. His strokes seem quick and careless but in truth are detailed and precise. This dichotomy is what makes Nguyen’s art unique; it is the soul of his work. Viewers of Nguyen will easily recognize various motifs in his art: clouds, sky, houses, trees, beaches, all of which imply an overarching melancholy.

Nguyen paints his landscapes with emotional depth. He is constantly inspired by the 11th century artist Su Shi, who said, “To paint is not only to draw what you see, but to also understand the cast-off shapes and successfully bring them into the picture.” When fellow artist Truong Ngan Vien began to paint, he would always start by “feeling the changes in the soul”. Thach Dao added, “These changes in the soul make the world go on.”

Nguyen’s paintings reflect the spirit of Eastern art, not unlike those of the ancient Chinese painters. Nguyen started to gain a following successfully completing local exhibitions in Vietnam. He soon gathered a reputation for himself as a new and upcoming talent after completing national and international exhibitions.

Over the years, Nguyen has established his own unique style of painting which permeates the fruits of his labor. Only time will tell how his art will evolve and whether he will continue to surprise his audiences.

  • 2020: Solo Exhibition “Tieng Vong” in 16 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi
  • 2019: Solo Exhibition in 16 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi
  • 2018: Solo Exhibition in Houston, Texas, USA, Solo Exhibition in Algeria, Solo Exhibition in Netherlands
  • 2017: Solo Exhibition in Hanoi, Myanmar and South Africa
  • 2016: Group Exhibition in Taiwan, Solo Exhibition in Hanoi
  • 2015: Group Exhibition in Korea,
  • 2014: Group Exhibition in Hongkong
  • 2012: Solo Exhibition in USA
  • 2011: Solo Exhibition in USA
  • 2010: Group Exhibition in Korea
  • 2009: Solo Exhibition in Hongkong
  • 2008: Solo Exhibition in USA
  • 2007: Solo Exhibition in Singapore
  • 2006: Group Exhibition in Singapore
  • 2005: Exhibition in Singapore
  • 2003: Exhibition in London
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