10 March, 2022


Photographer Le Hong Linh

United country, with the upward development of the whole nation, especially in the years of renovation and international integration, Vietnam photography has turned to a new page with the more comprehensive development of many creative trends, diverse and rich works of art. In addition to press photos and artistic photos, which are presented and composed in a realistic style, there have appeared many other types of photos that many photographers and artists have successfully researched and implemented. The concept of “photographic art” today is understood much more broadly through a different way of thinking than in the past. Photographers around the world have used the outstanding features of photography to transform their ideas into their compositions, producing valuable works that have a strong emotional impact on viewers. Vietnam’s photography has been integrated into international exchanges and has learned and acquired a lot of valuable knowledge that we ourselves cannot get if we just work around making art at home together. Integration to learn, to develop. Vietnamese photographers have achieved many successes in their artistic creation. Many photos have won high prizes at home and abroad, because the content of the work is deeply humane, reflecting the real life and people of Vietnam. The active participation of members and many photographers in different international arenas not only allows them to perfect their careers, dare to challenge their talents in new competitions, but also contribute to foreign affairs, introduce the country, the image of Vietnamese people to world friends. A country of Vietnam with a rich history and culture with a unique national identity that few countries in the world have. It can be said that: Currently, photography is an art industry with outstanding strength in international exchange because of the homogenous photographic language of all countries, the ability to quickly convert to the original, and ensure image quality. , works can be sent extremely fast and reasonable to any destinations in the world. Photo contests and exhibitions are also very convenient,  there are hundreds of different competitions every year around the world. This is a big playground for photographers of many countries, including Vietnam.

Photographer Le Hong Linh has been involved in art photography since 1990. He is a member of the Ho Chi Minh City Photographic Association (HOPA), the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists (VAPA), and the International Federation of Photographic Arts (FIAP). ), Photographic Society of America (PSA), Photographers Without Borders Europe (ISF), Photographers Federation of Asia (APU).

 He has more than 10 years teaching photography at the University of Theater and Cinema, Ho Chi Minh City, and was the Chairman of the Art Council of the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists. He received the titles of Vietnamese photography: Photographer with outstanding special contribution: ES.VAPA, Outstanding special photographic artist: E.VAPA/G. International photography titles: Asia Photographers Association, Photographers Without Borders Europe, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macao, Pakistan give titles: R.ISF5, SA.WIEP, EP.PSM , HonE.PSSM, E.FMPA, HonE.PAS, HonE.YMCAPS, HonF. PSG, FAPU, HonPEPSGSPC…

He is also the first Vietnamese photographer to be honored as the world’s first class by the American Photographic Association (black and white print category in 2005). In February 2005, the Vietnam Records organization set the record for the photographer with the most awards in Vietnam for Le Hong Linh. In May 2011, he was awarded the title of Master by the International Federation of Photographic Arts (FIAP). In October 2013, he was invited to attend an exhibition of the masterpieces of the world’s top 10 photographers in Hong Kong. He has attended art photo exhibitions with famous photographers in the US (2006), Macao, Sri Lanka (2008), France (2009), Indonesia (2013), Italy, Korea (2018, 2019). ..

Artwork Monkey & Child

Photographer Le Hong Linh was honored 15 times to be invited to be a judge and judge of international photography competitions in Vietnam and many other countries. 30 works have been selected to be exhibited at international photography museums in Hong Kong, USA, Spain, Singapore, Austria, Japan and India. Le Hong Linh is the first Vietnamese photographer to be ranked First by the American Photographic Association for large format (2005) and small format (2008, 2009) black and white prints. He is a member of the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists, the International Federation of Photographic Arts, the Photographic Society of America (PSA)… In 2011, he was awarded the title of Artist by the International Federation of Photographic Arts. Master photographer with 20 excellent black and white works. His other 30 photos were selected for permanent collection at photography museums in countries such as America, Spain, Austria, Japan, India…

Art exhibition of world famous photographers in France (1998), Malaysia (2003), USA (2006) , Macao, Sri Lanka (2008), Pakistan (2009), France (2009), Hong Kong (2013), Indonesia (2013), Italy, Korea (2018), Korea (2019).

  • 2013: “Masterpieces of Photography of The World” exhibition with master photographers: Wellington Lee (US), Raota Pedro Luis (Argentina), Tchan Fou Li (Hong Kong), etc, was held in HongKong.
  • 2020: The first solo exhibition titled “Empathy – Untold Stories” was hosted at Thanh Nien Culture’s House in district 1 in Ho Chi Minh City
  • 2021: The launch of the photo book called “Empathy – Untold Story”
  • 2022: The second solo exhibition named “Light & Shadow” is organized at VY Gallery (20 Nguyen Van Thu, Da Kao, D1, HCMC).

Meritorious artist Hoang Trung Thuy commented: “The beauty of a person is clearly the object that Meritorious artist  Le Hong Linh is always interested in: from the innocent smiles and clear eyes of children; to the ups and downs of workers in daily life; wrinkles on the portraits of old people, or as sympathetic voices with nature and very dear village scenes. The entire set of photos is enough to speak of his soul devoted almost entirely to his homeland and remote areas. I am very happy that in the life of making art, photographer Le Hong Linh has finally found a destination of human values, after so many great awards he has won.”

Mom’s Heritage

November 14, 2020 – The exhibition “Empathy – Untold Stories” took place and attracted a lot of attention in the photography art world. The works on display are mostly black and white photos. Le Hong Linh chose her favorite color because she wanted to express her clear attitude about life. The grayscale in the image is like the harmony of opposites and relationships. Empathy – Untold stories become a running story. There, each photo captures “people and nature”, not only the poetic beauty to relax the viewer’s soul but also the empathy from the interrelationship, the interdependence of things, and the heart of the audience. heaven and earth… The author hopes to contribute a voice, raise awareness and consciousness of the community, together to protect nature and the living environment of all species before it is too late. Looking at pictures, we want to suffer, be happy or stick a label on it is our right. But, we are what we think we are and beauty is only reflected in a beautiful soul. That’s really what the author wants to convey to the audience.

Looking For Mom

Light & Shadow

And this comeback – a  collaboration of LE HONG LINH and the team VY Galley and Mr. Schreier Zachary D’Amato to hold his 2nd solo exhibition called “Light & Shadow” with 30 photos (10) color photos and 20 black and white photos) and an art photography book called “Empathy”. In this exhibition, there will be 2 artworks “Light and Dark” and “Time No. 7” which have been internationally recognized as photographic masterpieces of the world showing the delicate exploitation of “dark and light” in the photo of Le Hong Linh.



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