Painter Uyen Huy was born in 1950, and he is a “People’s Teacher”. He is also the author of hundreds of works of art and more than a dozen carefully edited art research books.

More than 50 years of practice, with 45 years of which are dedicated to teaching. Many of his research works and textbooks have become a new foundation for future generations. (Typical results such as “Saigon – Gia Dinh Urban Fine Arts from 1900-1975”; “Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts – a little bit of today, a little of the past”; “Method of thinking and practising layout art”)

“Painter Uyen Huy is a professional and comprehensive pedagogue and art composer” (*). He practices on many materials, such as lacquer, acrylic, ceramic statues, metal statues, etc. His works are expressed in many styles, such as figurative, semi-abstract, and abstract. Uyen Huy has also won many significant awards and has participated in more than 80 exhibitions at home and abroad.

(*)PNO – PN – NGUYEN – Master – Painter Nguyen Xuan Dong commented.

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