Lull the child

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Watercolor on silk

64.5cm x 79.5cm


Painter Hoàng Hoành is famous for his faithfulness in silk paintings, even through watercolors and oil paintings. However, regardless of the material, his paintings have a soft dreamy look. The characters in the picture are usually young women, the elderly, and babies of everyday life in the Southern countryside. The life on his paintings is not gloomy, like classical silk paintings, but gently flares up through the colorful nature of flowers, the bright, calm eyes of young women, children, young people, and even older people, somewhere with sincerity, gentleness, simplicity and a slight sadness without a name.

Nevertheless, it seems that it is this depiction that makes his paintings look like a fairyland without ephemeral beauty. On the contrary, the “real-life” quality seems to be elevated to the level for people to precisely experience.


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