Dear people who love Nguyen Trung artist,

VY Gallery is pleased to introduce the book exhibition “Nguyen Trung Works”. Shanghai People’s Publishing House publishes the book in limited quantity, only 1000 copies worldwide. Currently, there are only 80 books in Ho Chi Minh City, distributed and displayed at VY Gallery.

“Nguyen Trung Works” is the first book in China, which fully introduced the comprehensive and systematic work of painter Nguyen Trung, the “father of Vietnamese abstract art”.

This book is the work of 5 years of research and synthesis of Nguyen Trung’s works from different countries in Vietnam, Myanmar, China, France and USA by Shanghai Southeast Asian Art Center. This is a masterpiece that encapsulates the quintessence of Nguyen Trung’s art. The book includes 115 works created by the artist between 1970 and 2018 (in half a decade), with flashbacks about the artist from collectors and experts. At the end of the book, there are also 15 questions to interview Nguyen Trung about aspects of life, his career and the world of painting from the beginning to the present (a journey that has been more than 60 years).

“Nguyen Trung Works” was published on the occasion of the artist’s 80 years of age, and released on December 26, 2020 in Shanghai.

If you are a lover of Nguyen Trung’s painting world, or someone who is knowledgeable and interested in Vietnamese painting, VY Gallery looks forward to your visit to our space and read this precious book together.


Artbook Exhibition ”Nguyen Trung Works”

26/12/2020 10/01/2021

Display at 3rd Floor, VY Gallery 20 Nguyen Van Thu, DaKao, District 1, HCMC.

Free event

Please register at the following link before visiting:

NOTE: For the value of this book, VY Gallery would like to accept only those who have answered the registration form fully and have confirmation of attendance from VY Gallery..

Dear friends who want to buy books, you can contact Hotline: 0283 620 8652



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